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Livionex Dental Gel - Peppermint - 1.7oz
Livionex Dental Gel - Peppermint - 1.7oz

Livionex Dental Gel is a revolutionary oral care product that leaves your teeth astonishingly clean and fresh.

Livionex has a patented formulation that removes plaque and repels bacteria from the tooth surface. It also prevents plaque from reattaching to the teeth.

In fact, double-blind academic studies confirm that the dental gel removes plaque 2.5x better than a leading toothpaste. It leaves your teeth much cleaner than traditional toothpaste.

Brush with Livionex twice a day, instead of toothpaste for a dentist-like clean feeling after each use.

Features and benefits:

  • Peppermint flavor and blue color
  • Dentist-recommended replacement for toothpaste dispensed in stylish tube
  • 2.5x better at cleaning teeth than a leading brand
  • No harsh abrasives or detergents found in traditional toothpaste
  • Contains a powerful antioxidant to promote healthy teeth and gums
  • Made of all edible ingredients
  • Free of gluten, sugar, triclosan, & SLS
  • Safe for all ages
  • Made in the USA
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